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The new way forward...

Shine on El Paso! is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to inspire, mentor, and prepare the next generation of young entrepreneurs, and civic minded revolutionaries in El Paso, Texas, for the purpose of expanding their intellect, nurture an altruistic heart, and to engage in the civic and business affairs of their hometown as active stakeholders.

We are at a critical junction in El Paso, Texas’ history—a moment that demands transformational change.

As we stand in the middle of our deserts and mountains weathered by a rich history— one must ask: what is the way forward?  We, the people of El Paso, Texas, need Shine on El Paso. 


We need to work together to:
Inspire, Mentor and Prepare the next generation of trailblazing, groundbreaking, boundary-crossing Visionaries, Leaders, and Social Entrepreneurs who will lift our community higher than ever before!
We need Shine On El Paso because El Paso needs a new way forward, lead by those who willingly inherit the honor of caring for the city, and her people